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Have you ever had a ‘how to deal with this overwhelming workload’ moment?

Wondering why you are struggling with your business and want to succeed faster?

Truth be told entrepreneurs are wearing too many hats and chances are they are suffering from Superhero Syndrome.

It’s true, being a jack of all trades is very common especially for startups and solopreneurs. These business owners handle all the aspects of their day to day businesses on a one-woman mission and eventually tend to become workaholics.

Nowadays, outsourcing becomes a part of companies recruitment strategy. Indeed, hiring a VA is a game changer for many businesses.

As a Virtual Assistant, I have encountered clients who procrastinate with outsourcing even though their startups are obviously shouting for help. The reason? Simply because they really don’t have a clue about the tasks they can outsource to a VA.

Hiring additional help is the key to growing your business. VAs can help you buy more time in your business day and take your workday back by helping you with the things you hate and shouldn’t be doing.

A Virtual Assistant can do more than what you have expected.

Here are the tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

  1. Email Management

  2. Scheduling appointments and following up with clients/customers

  3. Customer/Phone support

  4. Calendar Management

  5. Database building (data entry task like updating CRM)

  6. Online research on certain topics

  7. Hotel and flight booking

  8. Transcription

  9. Creating basic weekly/monthly reports

  10. Social media marketing/management

  11. Blog management (basic WordPress tasks like adding links, tags and images to blog posts)

  12. Blog commenting

  13. Social Media content curation

  14. Content Writing

  15. Video/Photo editing

  16. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  17. Graphic/Web design

  18. Performing social media/content audit

  19. Project management

  20. Bookkeeping

Of course, not everyone will be perfect at handling all of these tasks. Some of these projects will require basic training.

A good Virtual Assistant will deliver great results and can handle these tasks with ease and confidence. However, they need some guidance at first.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business- Lee Kuan Yew

It is worth noting that when you hire VAs it takes time to develop a strong relationship with them. Following these things can help you build a mutually beneficial collaboration with your assistant.

  1. Prompt at responding to queries/clarifications.

  2. Gives clear instructions and set attainable expectations.

  3. Always pay your VA on time.

  4. Share your preferences with your assistant. In short, learn to value and trust your VA.


Outsourcing work to Virtual Assistants become more feasible for most businesses. hiring a VA is a great investment you never knew existed. That is, if you are committed to training your assistant with your daily workflow. Remember, communication is important to build a lasting relationship with your VA.

Need an additional help? Great! That means your business is growing. Do let me know If I can be of any help.

Can’t get enough? If you want to learn more about the top reasons every small business needs a Virtual Assistant you can check out my article here.

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Thanks for sharing..

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    You’re welcome, Lindy! Hope you find this helpful.

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