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woman standing on wood platform near vehicle during daytime Photo by Tyler Nix on UnsplashLast night I was asked, “If money isn’t an issue, what country in the world will you visit and why?”

Sure, I love traveling and exploring new places, but that was the first time I got to think about this question deeply and I came to the conclusion…If money wasn’t an issue, I will travel around the US in an RV.

I love discovering new adventures on the road and I think I can do just that when I go RVing. I can go whenever and wherever, and that’s what I like the most about it. Have you tried RVing yet?

December is the month of celebration. Most people will go home to their families to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve or indulge in traveling and relaxation with their friends.

During these holiday seasons, bring with you these smart tips to cut your holiday travel stress.

  1. Book early and consider holiday packages.

    Do your research ahead of time and take advantage of the holiday deals to save time and budget.

    I consider myself a budget traveler, so I am an avid fan of promo flights and accommodations. You can set a price alert using various travel apps and have it email to you when the price goes down.

  2. Take early or late flights.

    Travel early or late in the day to avoid the rush hours.

    For example, during my out of the country travel to Singapore, I booked the late night flight. It is more convenient to travel around this time of day. If you haven’t yet, try the earliest or latest flights on your next trip and let me know how it goes.

  3. Check-in online.

    Before leaving the house check the status of your flight and check in online. Double check your important belongings as well like passport or visa (if applicable).

  4. Time allowance.

    The holiday season is the time that airports are busy and the traffic is worst so, leave the house early. It is better to arrive at the airport an hour or two early than be late, right?

  5. Travel light.

    Pack wisely, don’t over pack your checked luggage and don’t wrap gifts. Make sure you have a spare change of clothes in your carry on. Roll your clothes, don’t fold and wear your bulkiest stuff on the plane.

    Every traveler knows too well the endless quest for the perfect travel bag: the one that’s stylish enough to carry through Paris, sturdy enough to tote around Peru, and – most important – doesn’t make your shoulder sag even before you’ve loaded it up with everything you need for a day of sightseeing~Hanya Yanagihara

  6. Prepare for the delays.

    Charge all of your electronic devices before you leave the house and pack some snacks too.

  7. Download travel and entertainment apps.

    This one will come in handy especially when you are traveling solo.

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  8. Keep your cool.

    Remember others are stressed too so be nice and considerate. 


As we bid goodbye to 2018, traveling is one of the best ways to end this year and welcome 2019.

So, If money wasn’t an issue, where would you like to go this month?

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