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“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.” ― Ken Poirot

Traveling alone can be a scary thing especially for the first-timers. But hey don’t stress, as much as it looks scary solo traveling can be rewarding.

Unforgettable experiences.

New friends and family away from home.

And a road to getting to know yourself better.

My experience traveling solo, out of the country and for the first time made me ecstatic. After I left my corporate job I went to Singapore to pursue career opportunities. Since then my life was changed.

As a solo female traveler, It can be a bit scary at first, exploring unknown places and meeting unfamiliar faces. Though recently I haven’t managed to indulge myself in a travel getaway, my Singapore moments encouraged me to bask myself once again into solo traveling. Just the thought of it made me stoked.

Singapore is one of the safest countries for solo traveling. So without further ado, here are my top tips for first-time solo travelers. 

  1. Do your research. Make a thorough research if possible. Trust me this will save you a lot of time and headaches along with your journey. It’s important to learn about the places you are going to visit, mode of transportation and accommodations especially when you are traveling on a budget. As for me, I booked an 8 pm flight from the Philippines and I arrived in Singapore around midnight. I spent hours roaming around the Changi International Airport which is not bad at all since Singapore’s airport was awarded as the world’s #1 best airport.
  2. Take public transit. I waited until 5:30 am for the start of MRT operation hours. I’m traveling on a budget that’s why taking a taxi was not an option for me plus the taxi fare in Singapore is that really expensive. I’m a frugal person and a budget traveler so from Changi International Airport I headed to the hostel via MRT.
  3. Book your accommodation ahead of time. This will save you money. When I did my research I found a few numbers of hostels with good reviews yet affordable. I booked a Single Bed Capsule Dorm for 3 days for only PHP 1,773.73 or about almost SGD 47, definitely a cheap deal. My 3 days stay at the hostel was great, they provided a free daily breakfast with toasted bread, jam, coffee and boiled egg. I’m not usually eating heavy breakfast so that was perfectly fine with me. The air-conditioned capsule dorm has blackout blinds and free Wi-Fi is available. I also bought my prepaid tourist sim card at the hostel. When buying a tourist sim card, you will need to show your passport upon purchase.
  4. Eat cheap on hawker stalls. You can find street stalls offering local snacks near some hostels and having Google Maps in your phone is very helpful too. When eating on hawker stalls avoid buying bottled water. The tap water in Singapore is safe to drink thus will save you money. 
  5. Dress like a local and opt for comfortable footwear. When visiting Singapore always wear flats. Most of the tourist spots like the places we visited there are only accessible via walking. The common mode and affordable transportation in Singapore are via MRT or Bus, you will need to purchase tourist pass like an EZ Link card to roam around. Taking the train or bus is advisable if you want to save money on transportation since Singapore’s cost of living is way higher than other Asian countries.
  6. Know the dos and don’ts. When you travel to foreign places you should observe and adhere to their rules and regulations to avoid inconvenience. Like for example in Singapore, smoking and eating in public places and transportation, chewing gum, littering and jaywalking are strictly prohibited. When addressing the elderly, Auntie or Uncle is the norm. 


I stayed in Singapore for almost a month. I fell in love with the country especially with the people I met there. They are beautiful souls who became my friends and family that I will forever cherish. I’m looking forward to my next solo travel abroad and I’m excited to go back to Singapore and enjoy the perks of traveling solo the second time around.

Are you ready to travel alone? Which country would you like to visit? 

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