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man wearing black shirt with hands on his faceNew bloggers are most often than not unguided and overwhelmed. Raise your hands if you have experienced this (I’m raising mine).

Blogging requires hard work and all the way through each blogger’s journey are stumbling blocks that might discourage you to move forward and reach your goals.

Here are some of the common mistakes new bloggers make that you should avoid

1. Lack of consistency.

Just started a new blog? There are times when you don’t see results right? Chances are you are always checking your analytics just to find out that you only got few hits on your blog.

Sure, that’s not the results you are hoping to get but remember blogging success is not an overnight thing. Give yourself and your blog a break.

Allow at least six months to see the results of your hard work. For the meantime, keep going and be consistent with your blogging routine even when you don’t see the whole picture yet.

2. Trying to become a jack of all trades on social media.

You are spreading yourself too thin. How much time are you actually spending on social media?

Social media is indeed a time killer that can also kill your focus.

You went to check your Facebook or Instagram accounts only to resurface after almost an hour or two. Sounds familiar? I feel you. I’m also guilty of this.

Just focus on two to three social platforms at a time and when you have established your readership and online presence the other platforms will eventually produce good results.

Become a master of one rather than a master of none.

3. Don’t have short and long-term blogging goals.

This is very important when it comes to blogging. Setting your daily, weekly and monthly goals is a crucial part of your blogging business.

You can’t go anywhere with your blog if you don’t have plans and you don’t know where exactly you want to go.

If you haven’t yet, take some time to plan, set goals and brainstorm strategies for your blog.

Treat your blog as a business (if you are looking to monetize it in the not too distant future), and you need to have strategies. Business needs a solid strategy to survive, isn’t it?

4. Avoid networking with fellow bloggers and ideal prospects.

In this digital world, no blogger can survive on his own, he needs to connect and establish relationships not only with his readers but with his neighbor bloggers as well.

Who would have thought that those people you met along the way can become one of your clients or friends IRL, how cool would that be?

Let me be honest here, I am not comfortable with networking and marketing my Virtual Assistant services and blogging business at first. Yet, I get used to it and it becomes much easier.

Facebook groups are one of my favorite communities to hang out. It’s a good starting point in getting to know interesting people in your niche.

You can start joining one, participate in the discussions and be genuine and helpful. It can help improve your networking and marketing skills.

5. Being complacent.

Complacency is a deadly mistake to avoid. Don’t become too comfortable with yourself that you stop learning at some point.

Start investing in yourself. There are so much to learn. Read a lot, research, take courses, learn new skills.

Stay out of your comfort zone and learn new things as much as you can. In fact, even successful people never stop learning.


Are you guilty of any of the mistakes above? That’s okay, you are not alone. Done is better than perfect and you can always improve things later. A plethora of discouragements are present in this digital world but keep in mind that hard work and consistency are the keys to blogging success.

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Precious Gan

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