How to Live Your Life More Intentionally

girl-pointing-placesIf you’ve been around my blog for a while I’m sure you’ve learned my story working from a corporate 8 to 5 job and having transitioned into being a spunky virtual assistant and lifestyle blogger.

This turning point in my life led me to search for ways on how to make my life matter without compromising my passions anymore. Honestly, I’m quite fascinated by intentional living ideas that I’m working to apply it in my daily lifestyle.


5 Simple Ways to De-stress When Life is Busy

person hands on the table holding a cup of tea

How to overcome stress and conquer your day? How to achieve a work-life balance when there’s always something to do and so little time? Always in a rush? The simple answer yet difficult to practice words goes to de-stressing and taking time to slow down.

De-stressing is a great way to heal and refresh your mind from all the mental clutters. Even the simple way of cleaning and arranging your stuff will make a great impact for you to think clearly and work productively.